An emergency dental appointment may be needed if you cannot wait for your regular dentist to see you. At the Little Green Building we can often see you on the same day you call or the next day,  because we deliberately leave spaces in our schedule to accommodate possible emergencies.

Dental emergencies can be life-threatening, particularly if they involve heavy, uncontrolled bleeding or an uncontrolled infection. If an emergency is life-threatening, you should not wait for an emergency dental appointment. Go to a hospital instead.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Common dental emergencies include situations such as:

  • Trauma such as sports injuries that causes broken teeth or tooth loss
  • Bleeding in the oral cavity due to trauma or disease
  • Infection of the gums, teeth, or jaw, such as a dental abscess

What to Do for a Missing or Broken Tooth or Crown

If a tooth has been knocked out due to a traumatic injury, the tooth might be salvageable. According to the American Association of Endodontists, you have up to half an hour to save the tooth. 

First, clean the area where the injury occurred using warm water. If possible, return the tooth to the tooth socket. If not, keep the tooth clean and moist in milk. Apply a cold compress to the affected area of the mouth to reduce swelling. Do not touch the root of the tooth.

If a crown has suddenly broken off of a tooth, dental adhesive can keep the crown in place until the patient can get emergency dental services.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

The proper way to respond to a dental emergency depends on the type and severity of the emergency. For emergencies that are not life-threatening, first call your dentist and ask if they can schedule an appointment for that day. They will be in the best position to help you since they already have your chart and medical information on file. 

If you cannot see your regular dentist, call an emergency dentist, such as Little Green Building located at Bloor West and High Park. They can perform procedures such as an emergency tooth extraction or root canal. If there is uncontrolled bleeding or spreading pain that could indicate a spreading infection, the patient should seek treatment in an emergency room of a hospital.

What Will an Emergency Dentist Do for You at the Little Green Building?

The Little Green Building is a dental clinic in Toronto, ON, that provides emergency dental care. They treat tooth pain, including pain from broken teeth and impacted wisdom teeth. They are experienced in treating dental emergencies and are committed to providing high-quality dental care. 

If you need an emergency dentist, Toronto residents need look no further than the Little Green Building. Give us a call if you are experiencing tooth pain or any other dental problem.