Custom Protective Sports Mouthguards

What are protective sports mouthguards?

When playing sports or getting involved in other physical activities, there’s always the possibility of someone getting hurt, and that someone can unfortunately be you!

This certainly applies to professional sports athletes who practice and play almost every day but also factors into amateur athletes, and even people who are in weekly recreational sports leagues. Heck, even people who play beach volleyball in the Summer are at risk of getting hurt in a variety of ways. Mouth and teeth injuries are very common when it comes to playing competitive team sports such as hockey, rugby, wrestling, football, and lacrosse.

Protective mouth guards are designed to keep your teeth safe during any sporting activity. It’s highly recommended that anyone playing sports, or being part of recreational activities that involve some risk of injury get one of these products.


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Sports Protective Mouth Guards

Protective Sports Mouthgaurds in Toronto

What is the process?

A custom fitted sports protective mouth guard fits securely and snugly to each unique mouth, to maximize the effectiveness of injury prevention – and as we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The process of ensuring that a mouth guard fits properly includes the initial impression taking of your mouth. This precise information is then sent to a professional dental laboratory who then creates a custom sports protective mouth guard that sits perfectly in the mouth, and is surprisingly quite comfortable to wear. When wearing this device you can still breathe as you normally would and even drinking fluids doesn’t change at all – all the while cushioning and protecting your highly valued teeth and mouth.

Why do I need a custom mouth guard for sports?

Lots of amateur athletes just pick up a standard mouth guard from a sports store, but the problem with doing this is that most of them aren’t that effective since they don’t fit properly as they should. Your teeth, gums, and mouth are always at risk when you don’t have a custom fitted mouth guard – increase the effectiveness of preventative measures by getting one made just for you. When you work closely with our dentist to get this personalized device, you can feel at ease that blows to your mouth and face are less likely to produce an unfortunate injury. All sorts of issues are possible when it comes to sports and recreational activities such as crown and root fractures, tooth intrusions, tooth avulsions, and concussions and craniofacial injuries are even minimized by leveraging this technology. Give yourself the peace of mind and superior protection you need every time you play whatever sport you love – plus you will be more confident in giving all of the effort you can for your team to win. The cost of this device is well worth it when you consider what potential dental and other healthcare expenses are possible if an injury catches you off guard.

We at The Little Green Building work hand-in-hand with our patients to create high-end sports protective mouth guards that stay firmly in place and provide the safety needed when impact of any kind is experienced. Our protective mouth guards contain the vital components needed to make sure that the highest level of absorption is provided when needed most during physical play. Contact us today for more information.