Dental Insurance Toronto

Dental Insurance

Q. I have dental insurance. Do I have to pay for the services or my insurance will pay for me?
A. You are responsible for the payment for the services provided. However, as a courtesy to you, we can arrange for the payment to be made to us. Keep in mind that not all plans allow such an assignment.
Q. I am not sure what my insurance covers. I don't want to incur any unexpected expenses. Will you help me understand my benefits?
A. Yes. With your authorization, we will call your insurance provider and ask specific questions. Then, we will explain everything to you and answer your questions.
Q, I am covered under my own and my spouse's insurance. How does the re-embursement work?
A. Your own insurance has to pay first. Then, if there is a difference, a claim is submitted to the other insurance to collect it. We will help you with the paperwork.
Q. What about children?
A. If your child is covered under both plans, the claim is sent to the insurance of the parent who’s birthday is earlier in the year. Then the difference is co-ordinated with the other insurance.