Nitrous oxide dentist in Toronto


Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is a very common medically used anesthetic that is inhaled through a small mask that fits over the nose. It is often used in the dental industry to help patients relax and to get more comfortable before certain procedures are performed. The intention is not to put a patient to sleep, but rather act as a sedative agent so that if the dentist has any information to provide, requests or directions to communicate, then the patient can still function normally to both listen and respond accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it get professionally administered?

Nitrous oxide is first mixed with oxygen, delivers very mild effects and is completely safe. The dentist puts the small mask on the patient’s face and gets him or her to breathe normally through their nose, and within a few short minutes, the nitrous oxide effects start to take hold. Note that the mask doesn’t hinder breathing. There can be some degree of a light-headed feeling, and even tingling in the legs and arms. Some patients have said that their legs and arms feel heavier than normal. The desired effect of feeling calm and comfortable though is effectively delivered – helping the dentist to work properly to perform the procedure as needed. All of the nitrous oxide effects a patient feels wear off soon after the mask is removed. Once the dentist has successfully completed their work, oxygen is administered to help flush out any remaining nitrous oxide from the body.

Who are ideal dental patients to receive nitrous oxide?

Children can often get anxious about having dental procedures done, so nitrous oxide helps them to settle down and get in the right frame of mind to lay back, stay still, and let the dentist do what they do best. Anyone is eligible to receive nitrous oxide before dental work gets started, but children tend to be the most common group of people who opt to get it, and for good reason, as dental offices can be intimidating to them.

How should parents make children feel more comfortable before nitrous oxide use?

Children are often frightened by things that they don’t know and understand. The first time a child receives nitrous oxide they may be scared to have a mask put on them if they aren’t used to them. Parents can buy a mask before the dental procedure gets done to get them comfortable with having one on their face. With a little practice and realization that a mask won’t harm them, it should lighten the mood when at the dental office. A feeling of nausea can be experienced by children when receiving the gas, so giving a child a lighter meal so the stomach is less full before the dental visit can help with dealing with this potential discomfort.

We want our patients to feel confident, relaxed, and at ease when getting any dental work done at our office, and using nitrous oxide is one such way we can do that. For more information about this topic please contact us today.