Bruxism Appliances Treatment in Toronto


Bruxism is the act of clenching and grinding of teeth, which can directly lead to negative things happening such as headaches or sore jaw muscles. Even worse, bruxism can result in teeth becoming loose, severe teeth pain and parts of teeth can actually be grounded down and bits chipped away. Further damage can include the surrounding bone being destroyed, and the gum tissue can be annihilated. Problems that can arise include temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), and jaw joint issues. It’s a nasty activity that needs to be dealt with as soon as it’s identified to prevent the above problems from popping up.

How is bruxism treated?

Bruxism can be effectively dealt with in a number of ways, but the first step is figuring out what the root problem is. An examination needs to be done by a dentist, specific questions need to be asked by him or her, and from there the potential source may be able to be identified. Daily stress and life tension are common culprits when it comes to bruxism taking place, and these things need to be reduced to minimize the clenching and grinding from happening. Therapy may be needed to talk things through and get things off one’s chest, and there are calming activities that can be done such as reading, taking a walk, having a bath, watching a movie, or listening to music to unwind before bed may good activities to try out.

Why are bruxism appliances needed?

Sleeping is a time when bruxism can be at its worst, so a dentist may recommend using a bruxism appliance. These are custom-made products that slip over the upper teeth to protect them from grinding against the lower teeth. Bruxism appliances help to reduce the amount of damage that can happen, but the root cause of the bruxism activity has to be solved to properly cure the condition from taking place on an ongoing basis.

Is anything else needed?

Whatever teeth damage has occurred should be fixed as soon as possible to reduce the odds of larger issues from becoming a bad reality. Common fixes needed include reducing the high spots in one or more teeth to even out the bite, and fillings, crowns, or orthodontics may also be recommended to deal with an abnormal bite.

How does someone actually know if they have bruxism?

Bruxism is considered to be an unconscious habit that many people wouldn’t even realize they are doing unless a sleeping partner hears a horrible grinding sound when sleeping takes place. Other people realize that a problem is developing when at a routine dental checkup reveals their teeth are wearing down, or tooth enamel is fractured. New facial, neck, or head pain can also be a sign that bruxism is taking place, and your dentist needs to be made aware of any of these pains so he or she can make a determination if the pain is being caused from bruxism.

The Little Green Building has helped many patients with their bruxism issues by properly diagnosing, offering advice, and making custom bruxism appliances to reduce teeth damage. Contact us today if you think you may be suffering from bruxism, and we can set up an appointment to do an evaluation, and move forward in a proactive manner from there.