Emergency Dentist Toronto

At our clinic we make every effort to see emergency patients right away. We deliberately leave open spaces in the dentist’s schedule, in case we receive a call from a person in pain, with a broken tooth, facial swelling, or any other urgent situation.

A dental emergency can occur at anytime and it is important to deal with it as soon as possible. No matter what the situation our dental clinic is always prepared to help you deal with an emergency. We will treat you with the care and attention that you need to feel pain free and get back to living your life as soon as possible with our emergency dentist services in our Toronto dental clinic.

Don’t hesitate to call us in a dental emergency using the button below:

Doctor ready for an emergency dentist service in Toronto

Emergency Dentist in toronto: What are the most common dental emergencies and what steps one should take to minimize the adverse impact on dental and general health?

Dental Pain

Dental pain may originate from various sources. It is critical to see a dentist asap to diagnose the problem and have it treated. In the meantime an analgesic can and should be used. Most common over- the-counter pain killers are Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. For severe pain, for an adult take one or two 500 milligram tablets of Acetaminophen or 400 milligrams of Ibuprofen.

Broken tooth or lost filling

Sensitivity may or may not be present with a broken tooth but often it’s the rough edges that would bother a patient. After a while, a sharp edge would result in a sore tongue or cheek. A dentist can quickly round over the edge or restore the tooth if there is enough time. But if it is not possible to see a dentist right away, you can try covering it with some orthodontic sticky wax or even a piece of chewing gum.

Wisdom tooth pain

Usually associated with an impacted ( stuck) or partially impacted wisdom tooth. The pain may range from mild discomfort to an abscess (infection) with swelling and pain during mouth opening or swallowing. In the latter case, antibiotics may be needed asap. Go to a hospital emergency if you cannot find a dentist i.e night time or weekend. Extraction of the tooth is usually delayed until the infection clears.


Of course there are many other emergency situations, and it is always important to see a dentist sooner rather than later.

Call us now if you need an emergency dentist at our Toronto dental clinic and we will try our best to accommodate you on the same day.