Teeth Whitening in Toronto

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We all crave that perfect smile—after all, few things are more physically attractive—but pearly white teeth are hard to maintain. As we get older, things like coffee, tea, and red wine leave stains on our teeth. Plus, it doesn’t take much to fall behind on dentist appointments and develop poor oral hygiene habits. 

The Little Green Building provides state-of-the-art at-home kits for tooth whitening in Toronto. Our expert dental team knows how to brighten smiles. You’ll leave our dental clinic with everything you need to get whiter, brighter teeth.

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Benefits of Our Toronto Teeth Whitening Treatments 

There are several benefits to teeth whitening.  Firstly, your teeth will be more aesthetically pleasing. Having shiny white teeth shows people that you take quality care of yourself. In turn, you’ll begin to draw the attention of more people, which is ideal for networking and your dating life. 

Secondly, you’ll have much more self-confidence. One of the most common insecurities amongst Canadians and humans, in general, is their smiles. Having low confidence in your smile can affect your ability to enjoy ceremonial events such as weddings, parties, and graduations. 


Our whitening system removes stains and discolouration to give you the smile you deserve. They are fast, easy, and non-invasive, too! As a testament to our commitment to helping the good people of Toronto smile more, we are giving new patients who pay for a complete exam, cleaning, and x-rays (if needed) a FREE professional, at-home teeth whitening kit (a $350 value).

Our Process

Our team of expert dental professionals makes tooth whitening in Toronto a breeze. We’ll start with a comprehensive exam to determine the type of stains or discolouration on your teeth. This exam helps us select the best treatment method and determine the chance of success. If it is the typical coffee and ageing stains, a basic cleaning and whitening kit will do the trick. If the discolouration is due to an endodontic treatment, we may suggest considering veneers or crowns instead. 

Whatever cosmetic dental procedure you move forward with is 100% safe. 

Dr. Paltsev and our dental team work hard to ensure the safety and comfort of all our patients. Teeth whitening treatments are one of the safest ways to improve the look of your smile. We use the most advanced  whitening products in the industry to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

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Every year we provide  hundreds of your patients with at-home teeth whitening kits that enrich their lives and boost their self-esteem. Our patient-first approach ensures a safe and efficient treatment.

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