Root Canals in Toronto

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal procedure is a dental procedure that is used to treat teeth that are adversely affected in the roots, specifically the pulp area of the tooth. This part of the tooth contains nerve endings and soft tissue, which may get infected by bacteria causing a lot of discomfort and pain.

Dental Issues Requiring Root Canal Procedure

  • Tooth decay: Infections affecting teeth roots are normally caused by tooth decay. If left untreated, the infection and deep decay can lead to loss of the entire infected tooth. As a result, any infection should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Tooth Injury: If you have a visible injury (a chipped tooth or a cracked tooth), a root canal procedure may help prevent bacteria from invading deep into the tooth and causing an infection.
  • Repeated dental procedures: Root canal treatment can also be used to reduce the risk of infection in a tooth that has undergone multiple procedures.
  • Other scenarios: Generally, if you experience the above conditions or have symptoms like severe toothache, extreme sensitivity, swollen or tender gums, and pain when chewing or biting, you may be a candidate for the procedure.

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What Does a Root Canal Procedure Entail?

A root canal involves the removal of the damaged and decaying part of the tooth and replacing the created cavity with a dental crown or cap to give the tooth a natural look.

If you have tooth decay, an injury or you are experiencing some discomfort in your teeth, book an appointment now with Dr. Paltsev for a root canal treatment at our Toronto dental clinic.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Entail?

Step 1 – Initial consultation: First off, you will need to pay us a visit at our dental office during which Dr.Paltsev will assess the decay or damage to your natural tooth/teeth. He will then recommend the procedure and advise you accordingly.

Step 2 – Simple procedure: Next up, you will come in for the procedure. The typical root canal procedure involves two steps. The first is cleaning the affected tooth. A local anesthetic is administered to the affected tooth to make it numb. A rubber dam is then placed around it to keep it saliva-free.

Using precision techniques, an access hole is made on top to reach the tooth pulp. Through this opening, the dead pulp tissue (or infected tissue), infected nerve endings and bacteria are all removed. Any tooth decay present is also removed. The tooth is then cleaned and treated for any bacterial infections.

Next up is the tooth filling, which involves filling up the opening with either a temporary filling, in case further treatment is required in the near future, or with a permanent filling. Finally, the tooth is covered using a cap or a crown to restore the tooth’s natural look and to protect it from breakage.

Does My Tooth Get Back to Its Original State?

After root canal treatment, a little pain can be felt but it soon wears off. It is normal to experience some inflammation around the tooth. This may lead to tooth sensitivity to touch for a few days.

However, when the tooth is healed, expect your tooth to return to normal, it shouldn’t feel any more pain or discomfort. The crown placed on the tooth will give the tooth its prior natural look.

Proper care and dental hygiene will be the best allies in the tooth’s recovery. Regular office visits to the dentist are also advised. A normal routine like brushing and flossing should also be observed to ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Benefits of Root Canals in Toronto:

Root canal procedures offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for saving natural teeth:

  1. Pain Relief: Root canals are often performed to alleviate toothaches caused by severe tooth decay or infection. By removing the infected pulp, the procedure eliminates the source of pain and discomfort.
  2. Preserves Natural Teeth: Unlike tooth extractions, root canals aim to save your natural tooth. This is important for maintaining overall oral health and preventing the shifting of surrounding teeth.
  3. Restores Function: After a root canal, your tooth will be restored to its original functionality. You can eat, chew, and speak without any issues, just like before the procedure.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing: With advancements in dental technology, the crown placed on the treated tooth can be customized to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.

Choosing the Right Dentist in Toronto

When considering a root canal in Toronto, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced dentist.

Here are some factors to consider:


  1. Qualifications and Experience: Verify that the dentist is licensed and has the necessary qualifications and training in performing root canals. Look for testimonials or reviews from satisfied patients to assess their experience.

  2. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Ensure the dental office is well-equipped with modern technology and equipment to provide high-quality care. This can contribute to a more efficient and comfortable root canal procedure.

  3. Patient Comfort and Education: A reputable dentist will prioritize patient comfort and take the time to explain the procedure, address any concerns, and provide post-treatment instructions for optimal recovery.

  4. Insurance and Payment Options: Inquire about the dentist’s acceptance of insurance plans and the availability of payment options to make the procedure more affordable and accessible.

        With the right dentist and proper care, a root canal can restore your smile and ensure the longevity of your natural teeth. Don’t delay seeking treatment if you are experiencing tooth pain or infection, as early intervention can prevent further complications and save your tooth. The Little Green Building can help you with that!

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        Remember, you should seek medical attention immediately to avoid intense pain and severe cases like tooth loss.

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