Canadian Dental Insurance for Seniors: Quick Guide of What You Should Know

June 21, 2024

Dr. Paltsev

Dr. Paltsev has been practicing at the The Little Green Building since 1998. His areas of interest are restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, dentistry for children, implant and cosmetic dentistry. In simple terms, he likes all aspects of the art and science of the modern dentistry.

In June 2024, the Canadian government launched a special dental insurance plan dubbed CDCP for eligible seniors aged 65 and above. Starting 1st June 2024, applications are now open to other eligible individuals i.e. children under 18 years as well as adults who possess valid Disability Tax Credit certificates.

This is a great opportunity for several Canadians to access quality dental service. Here at 265 Jane Street we are working with this CDCP plan! But what does this mean for you? In a nutshell, it means you now have access to great dental services with the latest technology and a dedicated team of professionals, right here in your Bloor and High Park community! If you qualify, we are at your disposal and ready to bring you the oral health you deserve in a wide range of participating services. 

To better understand this benefit, let’s take a closer look at what the insurance plan entails and if you qualify. 

What is the CDCP?

The CDCP is a federal government dental insurance program meant to offer dental coverage to Canadian residents who don’t have dental benefits. The program is meant for residents who have an annual household income of less than $90,000.

The dental program is currently being administered by SunLife and managed by Health Canada. It’s worth noting that dentists aren’t involved in determining who is eligible and/or the services they should get. However, they can confirm the eligibility of patients through normal patient intake processes.

It’s also worth noting that the CDCP is only meant for those who lack dental benefits and isn’t intended to replace or supplement dental benefits for people who already have them.

Eligibility Requirements for CDCP

According to, to qualify, you must:

  • Be a Canadian resident
  • Not have any kind of dental insurance coverage or any dental coverage through employment benefits, pension benefits, professional organisation benefits, etc.
  • Earn less than $90,000 in adjusted household net income
  • Be up to date with your tax return – filed for the previous year

Application: How to Access Dental Care Under CDCP

  1. When to Apply
  • Seniors: Application was open for low-income seniors (persons aged 65 and above) last year. This group began applying in December 2023.
  • Adults (with valid disability tax credit certificates) & children under 18 years: Application begins on 27th June 2024
  • Other eligible Canadian residents: Will begin applying in 2025.
  1. How to Apply: The CDCP Application Process

The application can be done online. You simply need to agree to the terms & conditions as well as the privacy notice statement to get started. The application form requires you to answer basic questions and provide some information i.e., DOB, Social Insurance Number, full names, home & mailing address, spousal and dental coverage (via government social programs) if applicable.

If there’s any reason why you can’t complete your online application, you can apply via phone – 1-833-537-4342.

After applying, you can check the status of your application by phone – 1-833-537-4342 or online. You’ll need to provide your application code, client number, or number on your CDCP letter if you received an invitation letter to apply.

  1. Application Confirmation

 If your application is successful, Sun Life will receive your information and enroll you. 

On enrollment, you will receive a welcome package consisting of:

  • Your member card
  • Coverage details
  • Information on the plan.

What Does the CDCP Cover?

The CDCP covers a variety of dental health services meant to keep the teeth and gums healthy. The coverage also extends to treatment and preventative care of oral health diseases/issues. Examples of services you can enjoy coverage for include:

  • Restorative and endodontic services i.e. fillings, repairing crowns, and root canal treatments
  • Prosthodontics services i.e., partial removable dentures and complete dentures
  • Periodontal services i.e. deep scaling and gum disease management (non-surgical)
  • Diagnostic services such as dental exams and x-rays
  • Dental surgery i.e. extractions, jawbone fracture treatments, surgical incisions and removal of cysts, tumours, roots and broken teeth
  • Preventive services like dental cleaning, sealants & fluoride treatments
  • Additional services i.e. sedation (conscious)

Coverage Based on Established CDCP Fees

It’s worth noting that the CDCP covers specific services only at established fees which may differ from those charged as per territorial and provincial dental health associations. As a result, you may have to meet additional dental costs.

CDCP and Co-payment

It’s also worth noting that co-payment may apply and there are 3 main options: no copayment, 40%, and 60% copayment under certain circumstances (mostly dictated by the net family annual income requirements):

  • No-copayment – for those with an adjusted family net income below $70,000 annually.
  • 40% copayment (of CDCP benefit) – for those with an adjusted family net income of $70,000-$79,999 annually.
  • 60% copayment (of CDCP benefit) – for those with an adjusted family net income of $80,000-$89,999 annually.

Since dentists are at liberty to charge thier usual and customary fees, patients may be required to pay copayments and additional costs that aren’t within the covered CDCP fees.

As a result, before you go for a dental appointment, it’s advisable to talk to the dentist and see if the cost of treatment and any other resulting costs will be fully covered or not.

Dental Services Requiring Pre – Authorization

Some dental health services will need preauthorization before treatment meets coverage levels under the CDCP. Preauthorization will be subject to factors like a person’s medical condition and oral health history. These specific dental services requiring preauthorization will be announced in November 2024.

Are All Oral Health Providers Offering Services Under the CDCP?

NO! You are only entitled to CDCP-insured dental services if you seek them from participating dental care providers. Luckily, the Little Green Building is one such provider! Conveniently located in your local Bloor community you can have direct access to this CDCP program by booking a consultation with us

But before you can receive the dental care you need, you must confirm your CDCP eligibility via a patient intake process. You should also confirm patient coverage for the applicable service and lastly, submit a claim.

Where to Seek CDCP in Toronto? The Little Green Building – Toronto Dental Clinic Near Bloor West

If you reside in Toronto and are seeking a participating dental health provider that offers dentistry for seniors, the Little Green Building has you covered. We offer a variety of dental services for seniors that are covered under the CDCP like restorative services such as repairing dental crowns, prosthodontics services like installation of removable dentures, and preventative services like professional teeth cleaning.

Contact us or visit us (Google Maps) to find out more!

Why Choose the Little Green Building for CDCP Dental Services?

  • Dental practice led by an experienced dentist, Dr. Michael Paltsev, with over 30 years experience offering dental services for seniors and the entire family
  • Variety of CDCP seniors’ dental services offered. We offer professional teeth cleaning services, removable dentures, root canal, dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, and more. We also offer emergency dental services.
  • Swift CDCP coverage: We accept CDCP and inform our patients upfront if their required service is covered and whether there will be an additional charge. Contact us!
  • Investment in the latest dental tech: The Little Green Building has effective up-to-date technology and dental equipment capable of offering the latest in dental care.

Book an appointment today or CALL US: 416-769-8135. You can also ask any question on Canadian Dental Insurance for seniors, cost of dental checkups, expenses for drugs, benefit period and more.


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