Back-to-school smiles

September 27, 2022

Dr. Paltsev

Dr. Paltsev has been practicing at the The Little Green Building since 1998. His areas of interest are restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, dentistry for children, implant and cosmetic dentistry. In simple terms, he likes all aspects of the art and science of the modern dentistry.

Preparing your kids to be going back to school entails many things. Besides getting books, backpacks, school clothes, and other school supplies, this is a great time to have that yearly dental check-up to make sure your kids are starting a new school year with their oral health taken care of.  

If you’re wondering what dental procedures are perfect for your kids’ yearly dental check-ups, keep reading, we’ll help you figure out exactly how to be ready for the school season so you can check this off your to-do list.  


Dental cleaning

Even if your kids brush their teeth and floss daily, this alone can’t stop plaque and tartar from building up over time and increasing the chances of tooth decay and other problems like gum disease.

A dental cleaning removes stubborn buildup like tartar. It also gives dentists an opportunity to check for oral health problems and related illnesses. Oral health problems that are allowed to progress can develop into serious complications or offer clues about underlying health problems like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes

A teeth cleaning ensures your kids have the best possible dental health. It also gives our team of expert dentists an opportunity to check the development of your child’s dental formula which, at their age, is a crucial part of their development. 


Checking on their baby teeth 

Being a kid means there is a lot going on with their teeth, constantly. The biggest part will always be losing their baby teeth and starting the process of making sure the permanent ones are growing correctly and are aligned. Our team of experts has realized the most important ages are 5 to 8 years old, because that will be the time with the most changes for the little ones, so this will really be the stage to keep an extra eye on our kids’ mouths. Having a yearly check-up on their baby teeth also comes with the added bonus of helping make sure they will not need braces in the future. This procedure has become increasingly popular among teens and preteens, so no one bats an eye anymore when you see someone with braces. However, making sure your child’s teeth are growing in aligned and well is a great way to prevent this situation later on. And trust us, even your kid will thank you for helping them avoid this in the future. 


Do they need a sports mouthguard? 

Being a kid means having great adventures: whether it be spending hours on the playground or being part of a sports team, having fun and enjoying the outside should always be part of their routine. We here at the Little Green Building love to see athletes or sports aficionados who are committed enough to the game that they know how important it is to make sure they are safe while participating in it, and kids are no exception. Protective mouthguards are a great way to make sure your kids can dedicate their time to the sport of physical activity they love without you having to worry about their teeth, it’s just like wearing a helmet or knee pads. 

Since their bodies are going through so much change right now, it’s likely your child has already outgrown their mouthguard, if they have had it for a while. Or, if they don’t already have one, this could be the perfect time to buy their first, so they are all set for the upcoming sports season. The process of getting a sports mouthguard is fairly easy and since your kids’ safety is our top priority, we make sure to create a custom-fitted mouthguard that can keep up with their lifestyle, it will be made just for them! Their teeth will always be important, but at this stage, we want to make sure their baby teeth get loose when they have to and their permanent ones are growing in just in the right way, which means we need to keep an extra eye on their mouths right now. So don’t let safety come in the way of their favorite sport or their love for adventures. Simply make sure they pack their mouthguard and then wave at them while they score goals on their latest hockey game; we promise, they’ll have a full set of teeth and a healthy smile when they wave back at you. 


Click here to contact us to make an appointment, we work Monday through Saturday. You can also call us at 416-769-8135 or email us at We are ready to make your kid starts this school year with a smile, are you? 


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