What Happens if Wisdom Teeth are Not Removed?

what happens if wisdom teeth are not removed

January 11, 2022

Are your wisdom teeth starting to grow in? In this situation, you have the option to have the teeth taken out. What happens if wisdom teeth are not removed? Some patients experience no issues with their wisdom teeth. Other patients face issues with overcrowding, infections, tooth decay, and pain. Problematic teeth left for long enough may even lead to an emergency. Learn the signs that it is a dental emergency.

Let a Dentist Assess Your Wisdom Teeth

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. Sometimes, these teeth do not affect your overall health. Dentists track the growth and development of your wisdom teeth through x-rays and other assessments.


Your dentist may recommend that you leave your wisdom teeth as they are if the teeth:

  •     Fully erupt
  •     Appear healthy
  •     Have correct positioning in your mouth

Treat fully erupted (or completely grown in) wisdom teeth like you would the rest of your molars. Brush and floss them regularly to prevent issues with cavities and gingivitis.

Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth don’t always grow correctly. Dentists generally advise that you remove wisdom teeth that only:

  •     Partially emerge from your gums
  •     Become impacted in your jaw
  •     Emerge but crowd your other teeth

Moving quickly to handle partially emerged or impacted wisdom teeth allows you to head-off additional oral health issues here in Toronto.

Results of Failing to Remove Wisdom Teeth

What happens if wisdom teeth are not removed when they grow improperly? The American Dental Association reports that individuals with wisdom teeth issues often experience:

  •     Pain
  •     Increased odds of developing gum disease
  •     Damage to other teeth and tooth decay
  •     Development of cysts or tumours

Additionally, unattended wisdom teeth often lead to infections into the soft tissue of your gums, specifically in the area behind your bottom molars. These issues have lasting impacts on your overall oral health.

In addition to raising concerns regarding tooth decay and gum disease, your wisdom teeth can overcrowd your jaw. These teeth often push against your other molars as they grow in. They have the potential to shift the alignment of your teeth.

Wisdom teeth often push teeth out of position, even if you had braces at one point to straighten them.

Contact Us About Wisdom Teeth Removal

What happens if wisdom teeth are not removed? In some situations, allowing wisdom teeth to grow in leads to cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and other dental health problems. Address any issues with your wisdom teeth today with dental services in Toronto from The Little Green Building. Set up your appointment by calling us at (647) 953-4945.


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