In honour of (almost) back-to-school season, we’re giving you a little pop quiz. If your toothbrush could talk, what would it tell you? Are you diligent about your dental health, or are your brushing habits a little too laid back? Whatever the results, we’re not here to judge. We’re only here to help. We’re your go-to resource for learning about your teeth and how to take care of them, and for tips on preserving their health and beauty.

So, let’s dive right into it! Take the quiz and find out what your toothbrush has to say to you.

What do you use to brush your teeth?

  1. An electric toothbrush
  2. A manual toothbrush
  3. My finger

What do the bristles look like?

  1. Firm and new
  2. A little bit frayed
  3. Tattered, frayed and stained – oh my!

How often does it get used?

  1. Twice daily
  2. Once a day, unless I’m too busy or lazy
  3. The layer of dust speaks for itself

How long do you normally brush?

  1. Two minutes on the dot!
  2. Until my teeth feel clean
  3. As quickly as possible – I’m trying to break the world record

Do you use any other oral health tools before or after you brush?

  1. Yes! Floss, occasionally mouthwash, and a tongue cleaner
  2. I try to floss as often as I can
  3. Other than toothpaste? Not a thing!

How essential is your toothbrush to your morning/nightly ritual?

  1. Very – I take pride in my pearly whites!
  2. As long as my teeth look and feel fine, I could live without it for a while!
  3. Pfft. You’re kidding, right?


If you answered mostly ones, your toothbrush would say:

I love you! You’re doing all the right things to maintain, preserve and strengthen your teeth and gums. If your toothbrush could talk it’d say, “I’m so lucky to have an owner like you!”

If you answered mostly twos, your toothbrush would say:

I wish we could spend more time together. It’s important to brush twice daily, and replace your toothbrush every three months, or when the bristles begin to fray. You should also be incorporating regular flossing and tongue scraping into your oral health regimen, to thoroughly clean your mouth and wipe away micro food particles. Otherwise, you’re checking the important boxes for superb oral health.

If you answered mostly threes, your toothbrush would say:

You’ve got some serious work to do, my friend. If you consistently neglect your oral health, you’re allowing bacteria to build on your teeth. This bacteria, called plaque, leads to tooth decay and gingivitis, a nasty disease which causes bleeding and severe damage to your gums. It can even lead to tooth loss. Look for traces of blood on your toothbrush for signs of gingivitis. Early signs of gingivitis also include puffy and discoloured gums.