man saying no to sugarNo matter how widely our individual taste buds may vary, there is always one thing everyone can agree on – sugar tastes amazing.  Unfortunately, it is an indisputable fact that despite how wonderful sugar tastes, probably the worst possible substance that our teeth can come into contact with.

Sugar continues to be the leading cause of tooth and gum diseases, and health experts unanimously agree that reducing sugar intake is a necessity to improve and maintain both our oral health and our waistlines.

Unfortunately, sugar is also highly addictive, particularly in its refined forms.  If you are struggling to kick a sugar addiction, and paying the consequences with your oral health, read on for some great tips to finally put the problem to rest!

Eat a Healthier Breakfast

The truth in the old saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” is prevalent in many ways.  In regards to sugar consumption, a healthy and energetic breakfast greatly reduces your cravings later on in the day.  By filling up on protein, vegetables and even a little bit of fruit, your body will have all the energy it needs to take on the day without spiking your blood with sugary snacks constantly.  On the flip side, I breakfast high in processed sugars will only serve to leave your body crashing just a short time into your workday.

…And Make Sure to Actually Eat Breakfast

eating healthy breakfast

Believe it or not, you’re probably better off eating no breakfast at all than eating one full of refined sugar!  Still, a lack of breakfast can leave your body starved for energy, and your brain easily tantalized by sugary foods.  In the end, you’ll probably end up snacking on too much sugar anyway!

Eat Healthier Snacks

Some of us need more energy than others, and while a healthy, balanced breakfast sets the foundation for your body’s energy throughout the day, it is inevitable that we will often need some extra fuel.  When that time comes, stay strong, and stick to sugar-free snacks with a high nutritional content.  Snack time is often when our brain is most craving an instant sugar rush, but a healthier alternative will leave you feeling much more energetic in the long term.  Furthermore, sugar is a brain training game – the less of it you eat, the less your brain will crave it.

Keep Tabs on Your Coffee and Alcohol Consumption

Surprisingly large amounts of sugar can sneak their way into our diets through coffee and alcoholic beverages.  Keep a careful eye on what you are putting in your coffee, or that new mixed drink you may be trying, as you can quickly derail any good sugar habits you may be forming.  This is not to mention the doubled impact of both coffee and sugar eating away at your teeth!

Become an Early Bird

Those who stay up late are significantly more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacking.  Furthermore, they are far less likely to brush their teeth before bed.  The compounding effect of eating sugary foods and not brushing it away can wreak havoc on your teeth overnight.  Compounded over multiple nights sleep, the night owl habit can spell disaster for your teeth.