Infection Control


At The Little Green Building safety comes first. We take all measures necessary to protect our patients and staff from infection. That includes preventive steps and sterilization of potentially contaminated instruments and equipment. All our staff use personal protective equipment ( scrubs, gloves, masks etc.) Gloves are changed after each patient as well as during the same treatment if they get soiled or the seal is compromised. Gloves are removed when leaving the operating room. Masks are replaced as they get moist and are no longer serviceable. Protective glasses are used by patients during dental treatment and by the dentist, dental hygienist and an assistant.

How It Works

After the treatment is completed and the patient leaves the operatory, the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Disposable paper and plastic barriers are used on all surfaces touched or splattered during the treatment. Items like rinsing cups, saliva ejectors, suction tips etc are also disposed of after each patient.

All the instruments then are taken to the sterilization area, cleaned are steam autoclaved. To assure complete kill of all bacteria, triple control is utilized:

* Mechanical parameters are noted and recorded i.e. pressure and temperature.
* Chemical indicators are used and
* biological spore testing is done daily, controlled and recorded.

All instruments remain sterile in their pouches intill they are opened at the beginning of each appointment.

All sharp instruments are disposed of in special puncture resistant containers.

All hazardous waste is handled and taken away by a certified company to be processed in environmentally friendly way.

Feel free to ask our staff if you have any concerns about your safety. We take it seriously and make sure that your visit at the Little Green Building is safe and enjoyable.
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